Apple Watch Series 4

There is a lot to love with the Apple Watch Series 4, but we’re going to walk you through the top features. It is overall smaller in size, has a few new features, including the ability to have haptic feedback as you rotate the dial. It’s somewhat similar to the trackpad on a MacBook Pro. Before we walk you through its amazing features let me give you a bonus we are offering the best Apple watch series 4 price in Pakistan with the local warranty and guarantee of a genuine product. So if you looking for an Apple watch series 4 at a reasonable price you are at the right place. Moreover, you can also have the user experience of the watch before buying it if you are located in Karachi. We have the original Apple watch in Karachi at a guaranteed low price. Let’s get back to the features.

Ceramic Back

 The new Apple watches have an all-ceramic back previously serving model like the stainless steel or the ceramic complete ones would have a ceramic back. But now the entire back of the watches ceramic and not just the round heart rate sensor in the middle. If we compare this to one of the older models that has just a normal metal back and has a glass piece there in the center. The ceramic is going to be a lot more durable and it’s going to cover the entire back, which is going to help cellular and Wi-Fi reception. The series 3 stainless steel model, which still has a metal back, but a ceramic plate in the center.

New Heart Rate Functionality

So now the entire back is ceramic improved reception and new heart rate functionality. Speaking of that new heart rate functionality, the new Apple Watch is capable of taking an ECG while there’s heart rate functionality on other things, like just taking a heart rate monitoring high or low heart rate. Whenever you touch that digital crown to take that ECG, it’ll complete the entire circuit and give you your reading at launch. Not only is this endorsed by the American Heart Association is also the first product to go direct to consumer over-the-counter and be approved by the FDA to take an ECG.


Apple watch series 4 has a gorgeous new display. It is more than 30 percent bigger, regardless if you’re looking at the new 44 millimeters or the new 40 millimeters, it looks amazing and allows you to view a lot more information in roughly the same physical shape. The Apple Watch itself is maybe slightly larger than it was in the past, but it is thinner and that new watch is to the edges. So we are fitting more in the same physical shape.

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