Say hello to Apple’s newest 13 inches MacBook Pro. And say goodbye to the old butterfly keyboard. It’s finally here after the 16 inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air was released. We finally got the new updated 13 inches MacBook Pro. So what’s the big deal, you might be wondering? You see, this was the last laptop to use Apple’s butterfly keyboard. The Macbook pro in Pakistan is available in many different


Apple introduced a new scissors switch, magic keyboard. And it’s now in the 13-inch model. These keys are so much softer on your fingers and they’re not as loud if you hit a typing on the old keyboard. The arrow keys now all have high keys. Instead of the full-sized right and left arrow keys, the touch I.D. button is now its own button to the right of the touch bar. And finally to the left, there’s an escape key. Overall, the keyboard experience is just so much better than it was before.


Here’s what else you’ll get in the MacBook Pro 13 inch. Inside, there’s a two gigahertz quad-core Krai five from Intel’s tenth generation of core processors to go along with the new C.P.U Apple upgrade the ramp so that it’s faster and then now come with 16 gigabytes of memory and stuff, eight gigabytes with a maximum of 32. As a result, The new MacBook Pro in Pakistan 13 inch had a twenty-four percent boost in geek bench, five single C.P.U tests, and a 14 percent increase in multicore speed.

The new generation Intel processors have lower core clock speeds and boosted clocks, but the new Eisley technology used here delivers better performance per clock. You’ll see bigger gains with the new MacBook pros graphics. The Iris plus graphics are 30 percent faster than the iris plus graphics six forty-five found in the old laptop.