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MacBook Air is one of the great evolution in the history of Apple. Let’s discuss some of the top features of the brand new 2020 MacBook Air. While this may seem like a smaller update, it doesn’t have any new big redesign, but there are a few notable changes that are worth pointing out. So let’s go ahead and dive in and take a look at the best, the top new features that Apple has bestowed on its entry-level laptop, starting with the new lower price tag. MacBook Air price in Pakistan has a different range. The Macbook Air 13 inches 256GB is right now 199,000 PKR and the Macbook Air price in Pakistan for 512GB is 260,000 PKR.

The MacBook Air has a great magic keyboard. So this newly designed keyboard first made its debut in the 16 inch MacBook Pro. It takes kind of the issues that Apple was having with its previous butterfly design. So Apple ditched it. So you’re not going to have any of those reliability problems that were cropping up in the past. As far as what it’s like to type on, it feels great.

Substantial key travel. All the keys feel very solid. It can be a little bit loud compared to the previous design. But unless you’re kind of in a really quiet area and self-conscious, shouldn’t be a big deal at all and it’ll be much more reliable. Moreover, it has 6K display support. Now, the display on the MacBook Air has not changed, but it can now handle 6K display output. That includes Apple’s pro display XDR.

You can also check out the Macbook Air 4k display and 5k display on our website.

Recently Apple unveiled a new model of Macbook Air 2020 with a magic keyboard designed already in use on the air and 16 inch MacBook Pro. With that, Apple’s laptop series is entirely got rid of the contentious butterfly keyboard. As you’d expect, a MacBook Pro refresh also means updated processors. MacBook air price in Pakistan starts from 200,000 for 256GB. It has amazing features such as the magic keyboard and high-speed processor.

The Macbook Air pro now comes with a tenth gen Intel C.P.U and Intel EIRIS plus graphics. Also, the entry-level config now comes with double the storage. That’s 256 gigs. Meanwhile, the high-end ones start with 16 gigs of RAM instead of eight, and there’s a 32 gig upgrade option for the first time as before.

The magic keyboard was inspired by the standalone magic keyboard that chips with the Mac line. That’s to say both have Cizre style caps as opposed to the butterfly design use. Over the past few years, the butterfly mechanism was designed to reduce key wobble. The keys are easy to use and don’t make annoying typing noise. It has a separate ECP key.

The new Macbook Air 2020 gives up to 80% faster graphics performance in the graphic intensive application. All the updates are pretty cool and more convenient to use. MacBook air price in Pakistan varies a lot due to the exchange rate so before you buy any Apple product I would suggest you please contact us and get the latest price update before ordering online.