The vision behind iMac 5K has always been very clear: Apple wants to transform the desktop experience so they put very powerful, very easy to use technology into all in one design in a very classy and elegant way. The new iMac Retina with 5K display takes the technology of iMac to the next level. iMac price ranges differ according to the model. iMac price in Pakistan starts from 36,0000. iMac MRQY2 is right now 36,0000 PKR but it changes due to the exchange rate. iMac MRR12 is right now 445,000 PKR and iMac MQ2Y2 is 870,000 PKR right now.

iMac MQ2Y2 is fully packed with the latest technology, amazing hi-tech processor, phenomenal memory, and marvelous graphics. It has an amazing, vibrant retina 5k display which makes the display even better. It is all in one. The 5K display makes iMac more advanced and gives it a different shine. The iMac 5k has more than one billion colors as well as 500 nits of brightness and the graphics are just amazing. Moreover, the text is Razor-sharp. Watching your favorite season or movie is worth watching again and again on it.

iMac MRQY2 has in-depth detail of graphics of the heavy games. It won’t be wrong if I pen down it likes this that it is the best Mac Retina display today.
This incredible world is full of magnificent colors and iMac has managed to bring almost all of them into your screen. The advanced technology that uses in iMac MRR12 P3 colors that shifts away from boring white LEDs to more hi-tech red-green phosphor LEDs. As a result, you get all three main colors equally that show off real-world colors with the right balance.