The latest iMac features a quad-core i3 processor, eight gigs of RAM, a 1400 rpm, one terabyte hard drive. And it’s also equipped with a Radeon pro 555 X with two gigs of VRM. Now, the overall design of the iMac remains unchanged since its 2015 debut. The thick black bezels are still here surrounding that gorgeous 4K panel and the same narrow tapered design that we’ve seen since 2012 is here in all its glory. It is a great design and has a very iconic look. The iMac price in Pakistan starts from 255,000 PKR.

The speakers on this 21.5 inch iMac are great for such a small and lightweight. All in one. The speakers are loud, full, and it doesn’t distort in high volumes, which is great. There’s plenty of bass. And while it’s not an iMac Pro, which sounds a lot cleaner and louder, listening to music at Max volume can fill an entire room just fine.

The port selection on iMac is pretty good. You get a headphone jack and SD card reader for USB three ports forThunderbolt, three ports in a gigabit Ethernet. the performance on the space model iMac is decent. iMac is great if you’re not looking to do some heavy intensive work like for video editing or working on huge 4K after effects files. iMac does a great job on daily computing, light video editing, consuming media, and usual photo editing work. iMac price in Pakistan fluctuates due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate. Please confirm the latest price before ordering online.