Looks-wise the iPhone 11 doesn’t bring a lot of surprises, but somehow it is also similar in appearance to last year’s iPhones. It’s made of iron strengthened glass on the front and back its frame is made of brushed aluminum though rather than the stainless steel you get on the more premium 11 Pro models. The iPhone 11 comes in a set of new colors. Plus a new square camera setup makes it stand out compared to the pro model at the finish. We are the best reseller of the iPhone in Pakistan, providing the full range of iPhone in Pakistan. The water resistance has been bumped up from IP 67 to IP 68 on this iPhone. So now it can survive under two meters of water for half an hour.

The iPhone 11 Pro models can go twice that depth the size is quite comfortable in the hand a bit larger than the iPhone 11 Pro but still okay for one hand to use. The dimensions and weight are the same as last year’s iPhone 10 are. Along that same vein. The iPhone 11 screen is also the same as the 10. It’s a 6.1-inch eyepiece LCD with a sizable notch cutout and a pixel density of 326 BPI. The vessels are thicker here than on the iPhones with OLED screens. You get used to it but they do stand out.

When you first see the. The screen is excellent with good contrast and accurate colors the true tone feature will automatically adjust white balance based on the ambient light and though the panel isn’t quite as sharp as the pro models OLED screen. The price of the iPhone in Pakistan fluctuates due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate. From Apple Store Pakistan, we guarantee that you will get not only the original Apple products but also at a very competitive price.